Mitrovice Actual Weather
Ndjehet si: 18°C
Lag. Relative: 46%
Drejt. eres: JJL
Shpejt. eres: 17.3km/h


10 Day Forecast Mitrovice

E Diel

27 Shtator

12°C | 20°C

Mostly cloudy w/ t-storms

Some sun, then turning cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm

E hënë

28 Shtator

11°C | 21°C


Mostly cloudy with a heavy thunderstorm in the area; storms can bring flooding and damaging winds

E Martë

29 Shtator

7°C | 19°C

Partly sunny w/ t-storms

Intervals of clouds and sun with a thunderstorm

E Mërkurë

30 Shtator

7°C | 18°C

Intermittent clouds

Intervals of clouds and sun

E Enjte

01 Tetor

7°C | 19°C

Mostly sunny

Mostly sunny

E Premte

02 Tetor

9°C | 22°C

Partly sunny

Pleasant with sun and some clouds

E Shtune

03 Tetor

11°C | 26°C

Mostly sunny

Sunny much of the time and warmer

E Diel

04 Tetor

14°C | 25°C

Mostly cloudy

Warm with clouds followed by a brightening sky

E hënë

05 Tetor

11°C | 25°C

Intermittent clouds

Warm with times of clouds and sun

E Martë

06 Tetor

11°C | 23°C

Partly sunny

Partly sunny


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